Main Line and Drain Services

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Having Drain Problems?

Recurring clogs and slow drains are very frustrating. Not only does such a situation lead to sewer backups, but it may also potentially contaminate the home’s water source. If you experience constant problems with this, it’s a good idea to give Quick Jet a call and schedule an evaluation of drains.


  • Main Lines 3" - 6"
  • Secondary Lines 1-1/2" - 2" (E.g. Kitchen and Laundry Drains)
  • Clogs, Slow Drains, Bad Odors, and other Drain issues.
  • Routine Preventetative Maintenance Plans (Perfect for businesses)

Hydro Jet

Hydro Jetting is our non-invasive plumbing solution that clears pipes by removing blockages effectively. The process involves the use of high-pressure water jets, which can remove debris, clogs, and buildup from the plumbing system. Its like a pressure washer, but for your drains.


In the past, rodding with a drain snake or auger was the only solution through which a hole was punctured through the accumulation. In many cases, this is a temporary solution which makes the hydro jet a better solution.

Drain Snake and Auger

Drain snake services are effective when attempting to clear smaller and more common blockages in shower drains, sinks, or laundry lines. The coiled cable is designed to grasp and "fish-out" common but hard to break-up debris like hair and wipes by wrapping around the cable.

Larger augers are used to break up blockages in larger pipes and toilets.

Video Inspection

This is a process where a video scope spool is ran through your waste pipes that allows you and our technician to see the line in close-up and real-time detail.


In most cases anomalies such as root intrusions and breakages in the line are visible.


The video might extend down your branch lines or down the house's sewer line leading towards the city sewer line or septic tank.


Video Insections are always recomended after every service.

Coverage Areas

  • Goleta
  • Santa Barbara
  • Carpinteria
  • Santa Paula
  • Ojai
  • Ventura
  • Oxnard
  • Camarillo
  • Thousand Oaks
  • Simi Valley

About Us

Quick Jet is a small family-owned Drain Service business based in Southern California.

Our mission is to provide our customers with exceptional service and take care of all drain cleaning and maintenance needs.

We have vast experience in the plumbing field and our aim is to give you and our clients a professional, but most importantly, an honest opinion of your sewer and drain line conditions.

We understand the value of trust and honestly and ultimately we want to guide you through the best possible solution for your sewer and drain problems.